Dycomet UK highlights the benefits of cold spray metallisation technology at the Advanced Engineering Show

The major gains in substrate repair, coating and manufacturing applications that arise from cold spray systems are in the Spotlight on the Dycomet UK stand (K62) at this year's Advanced Engineering Exhibition. The company - theUK distributor and developer for Dycomet Europe - is presenting 'cold spray' metal additive manufacturing systems that offer key advantages to both designers and manufacturers alike, alongside significant recent developments to its service.

"We are showing and demonstrating our versatile, low pressure gas dynamic designs alongside Plasma Giken high pressure units which have been proven in industrial and research applications across Europe," says Nick Gilfillan, Dycomet UK Managing Director. "The concept overcomes issues such as stress, distortion and porosity that are often associated with traditional welding and thermal spraying, and can be used with a range of substrates from aluminium, cast iron, steel and copper to glass, ceramics and composites." He says the technology opens up new possibilities in sectors that range from processes such as repair, restoration, sealing and corrosion protection, to electrical conductivity or bespoke specialist needs.

"Both the low pressure and high pressure units feature a supersonic airflow into which metal particles are injected," continues Nick Gilfillan. "This produces high levels of kinetic energy to create a rapid build-up of metal which is not simply added to the surface but actually becomes structurally integral with the substrate."

Nick Gilfillan points out that the acceleration in the airflow means the particles and substrate deform creating a mechanical interlock. This forms a coating or build-up of material to any depth required with high adhesion yet without the risk of high temperatures which can, potentially, lead to material weakening or distortion.

The simplicity of use of the low pressure units enables them to be located at the point of application when required, while the high pressure Plasma Giken system operates on the same principle but is designed for larger scale permanent installations. Delivering up to 1200 metres per second, the system can handle the most challenging materials such as titanium, MCrAIY and stainless steel with results achieved quickly via feed rates of up to 750g/minute. The 'anti-clogging' design provides continuous, reliable cold spray performance that can operate either as a stand-alone facility or be incorporated directly into a production line environment.

Dycomet is also highlighting it's newly opened facility within its premises in Manchester which provides application research opportunities in the cold spray field - the first such service in the UK. Stand number K62 will also feature details of the organisation's growing links with key academic institutions associated with the technology alongside examples of the results that can be achieved by cold spray applications.


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