Idom Merebrook supports Michelin’s investment in UK manufacturing

Following their appointment last year as Owner's Assistant to leading tyre manufacturer, Michelin Tyre PLC, Idom Merebrook, one of the UK's leading multi-disciplinary consultancies, will now be undertaking the Construction Management and Contract Administration role for the development of Michelin's new tyre curing workshop in Dundee, Scotland.

As one of the world's foremost tyre manufacturers, Michelin is always seeking ways to improve their product and enhance customer service. The plant in Dundee is one of the region's biggest employers and the design plans include modernising and upgrading the 43-year old factory, which currently produces over seven million car tyres every year.

Once complete, this new facility will allow Michelin to manufacture a larger range of tyre sizes and profiles to meet increasing market demands.

The new production process will create a significant reduction in their energy consumption, consequently helping to ensure the future environmental effectiveness of the company.

The scope of work for the Idom Merebrook team so far has included; the initial design and full technical specification for the curing workshop, the development of a fume management and ventilation strategy, provision of a new utilities building to supply hydraulics, vacuum and nitrogen and the specification for a new 4MVA substation.

The team is also accommodating the installation of a feed and collector conveyor systems and fully automated guided vehicles for the delivery of the tyres to the presses and has successfully undertaken a full procurement process to appoint an EPC contractor to deliver the works.

In the next phase of work, Idom Merebrook will provide technical specification approval for the detailed design, as well as monitoring the works and contract administration on behalf of Michelin.

As a facility that produces over seven million tyres per year on a 24/7 basis, particular emphasis is to be placed on production continuity to ensure no interruption to production.

Alex Sinclair, Principal Engineer for Idom Merebrook Ltd and Project Manager for the Michelin project said:

"This is a fantastic project to be involved in and the science and technology that Michelin put in to their tyres is simply staggering. The opportunity to work with the team from Michelin has been great experience already and the success of the project so far can be attributed to the professionalism of the Michelin and Idom Merebrook staff.

“We are looking forward to the construction phase of the project and continuing our work alongside Michelin to deliver this step-change in tyre manufacturing technology."

Nigel Huish, Idom Merebrook Ltd Managing Director commented:

"This has been a really unique and innovative brief from Michelin, we are keen to support them in their goal. This project will allow our team to demonstrate their high level of mechanical and electrical engineering expertise in an industrial process environment. This is a challenging installation and one of a kind, we look forward to helping Michelin deliver what will be a very progressive manufacturing operation."


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