Innovative technology for cranes from KABELSCHLEPP Metool

With Easy Guide System, KABELSCHLEPP Metool has developed a new channel system for guiding drag chains as a simple and flexible solution for standard cranes which is also suitable for other areas of application. On workshop cranes with cable carriers, for example, this omits loose festoon loops.

The requirements for modern crane systems are becoming ever more complex: “The focus is on a long service life and uninterrupted availability at maximum load,” Peter Sebastian Pütz, Head of Crane Business at TSUBAKI KABELSCHLEPP, explains. “For the development of our new channel system, we placed a special focus on the requirements of standard cranes.” Easy Guide System is a standardized guide system for drag chains which is ideal for trolley power supply and extended travel lengths of cranes, but also for other applications involving complete cranes and crane sets as well as smaller process cranes.

Space saving and easy to install

Easy Guide System from KABELSCHLEPP Metool features a space saving design as well as simple and fast installation with few components. The guide channel is available galvanized or as a stainless-steel version. It can not only be installed vertically, but – in contrast to comparable systems – also horizontally and remains flexibly adjustable even after installation. The optional roof serves as a climbing protection, weather protection and mechanical protection. It also prevents the cable carrier from falling out or knocking. This means it has optimum guiding in a variety of different positions, including lying on its side.

The system channel requires no complicated steel structure and is suitable for all I-beams and box girders. Mounting holes for the drag chain and cable ducts are provided every 850 mm. KABELSCHLEPP Metool offers the same installation bracket for different channel sizes or drag chain types. Permanently installed cables can easily be mounted behind the channel, directly on the bracket, so that no additional cable conduits are necessary, saving time and effort during installation. The system requires only one installer and can be installed on the fly.

Guide channel for multifunctional use

Easy Guide System is not only ideal for cranes, but also for other areas of application. “Whether for extended travel lengths or for longitudinal, crosswise or corner travel – our system channel can meet a variety of different requirements even in rough environments,” Pütz says. For example, it can be used combined with aluminium modular crane systems, in intralogistics, in paint systems, in stacker systems, in sewage works, as a power rail

replacement in explosive atmosphere zones, in irrigation systems, for high-speed cameras, in gate construction or in lifting gear.


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