MeadCo launches ScriptX 8.0 for the Manufacturing Industry

MeadCo launches ScriptX 8.0 for the Manufacturing Industry

UK company MeadCo has launched ScriptX 8.0 to the manufacturing industry. ScriptX is essential for consistent printing of order forms, packing slips, labels and all critical documents from Internet Explorer. With Microsoft now only providing technical support and security updates to the most current version of Internet Explorer, MeadCo has moved to provide the ScriptX 8.0, designed specifically for use on Microsoft's newest edition, IE 11.

MeadCo foresees that many of its customers in the manufacturing industry may choose to update to IE 11 on all their client PCs and wants its own offering to reflect the very latest technology. However, the ‘MeadCo Promise' guarantees continued support for ScriptX to all licensees, even when Microsoft introduces newer versions and updates. This means that MeadCo will continue to provide technical support, bug fixes and security updates to users of ScriptX on earlier versions of IE. Alongside this, MeadCo will continue active development of ScriptX 8.0 for IE11.

The key benefit of the ScriptX product is ensuring consistent formatting and appearance of the printed output of browser-hosted content from any local or networked printer. This is regardless of the printing configurations already set in each individual computer's Internet Explorer (IE) browser. This means that HTML and PDF forms, certification documents, packing slips, barcodes - in short, everything vital for the smooth running of any manufacturing business - can be printed correctly first time, every time, identically, from all devices.

The new aspects in the ScriptX 8.0 release include the main installers being dramatically reduced in size and the introduction of a new ability to control the smallest scale factor.

Jerry Mead, CEO of MeadCo - the creators of ScriptX - explained: "If all end users operate Internet Explorer 11, then ScriptX 8.0 is the best possible option. ScriptX 7.7 should be deployed if end users operate a mix of Internet Explorer 11, alongside previous releases, or if the end users operate Internet Explorer 10 or earlier.

"ScriptX has been available as a browser add-on since 1998 and is currently installed on many millions of Windows machines around the world. Whilst it is great to have proven 100% functionality and security over nearly 20 years, it is also vital that ScriptX continues to be at the very forefront of new technology. This is why we constantly develop and improve the system, creating new releases, while ensuring existing customers will always be supported."


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