Motorised positioning tables brought to UK following German commendation

A range of new motorised positioning tables has been made available to UK engineers, after being heralded as one of the top 15 assembly technology and robotics products by a leading German expert.

norelem UK has added the range to its BIG GREEN BOOK, a complete reference guide for design engineers, mechanical engineers, machine builders and toolmakers. Its electric-powered, low-noise, and low-maintenance motorised positioning tables are a convenient alternative to manual versions for bringing components, stops, limit switches, grippers, and even cameras into position to a hundredth of a millimeter. The range has been so effective when used in machine tools, fixture construction, handling systems and test and measurement equipment, that MM Maschinemarkt, a leading German industrial magazine, recently ranked it number 13 in the top 15 assembly technology and robotics products.

The new range offers engineers a vast range of options for many guiding and positioning tasks. Available in short and long-wheelbase versions, in sizes 8 and 12, the tables contain modules for motorised adjustment, suitable for traverse rates of up to 1.2m/min, and objects weighing up to 10kg. The components have been proven to be highly accurate, with the radial clearance of the guides less than 0.02mm and the backlash on reversal less than 0.04mm. Furthermore, norelem’s motorised positioning tables can be used without a motor, with a stepper motor, and with stepper motor and integrated positioning control.

Key to the accuracy and adaptability of the products is their unique modular design, which allows them to be combined with other components of the same size. For example, the attachment of end position sensors can be done very easily, and proximity switches and their corresponding brackets are also very easy to integrate.

Marcus Schneck, CEO at norelem UK commented: “The fact our motorised positioning tables have been hailed among the top 15 standard components of German industry demonstrates their accuracy, adaptability and effectiveness. We took great care in the design of these components to ensure they provide precise positioning, whilst also being easy to build into other components of the same size. What we have is a highly-commended range, suitable for most industrial automation applications including robotics, medical component laser machining, electronic manufacturing and other high-performance projects.”


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