EU Project NCC-Foam Breakthrough Development of Natural Foam Core

The EU-funded project NCC foam has succeeded in developing a process of production for sustainable foams. The 3-year project is aiming to develop a non-crystalline cellulose (NCC) foam/resin composite which enables the design, development and processing of sustainable structural foam materials.

The controlled patterning of the nano-structure during the self-assembly process facilitates stronger materials and the production of foams with customised internal structures with directional strength. The inherent strength of the NCC skeleton results in lightweight and cost-effective foams.

The resulting success in the development stage represents a true breakthrough in rigid foam technology. The project views possible end applications to include lightweight internal partition walls for shipbuilding, automotive interior trim and innovative sustainable construction materials for modular buildings.

The success also validates the use of NCC foams as lightweight core materials in structural, bio-composite sandwich construction. Gary Foster, Project Manager of NCC-FOAM at NetComposites, commented, “the project is producing both ahead of plan and expectations. We are exceeding the target levels of the material properties we hoped for and expect to have materials suitable for a wider range of applications.”

The consortium is co-ordianted by NetComposites, with 11 other partners from six EU member states, including BALance, Blatraden, D’Appolonia Exova, FSG, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Lindbacks, Meloda, RIVM, Swerea SICOMP and Universiteit Utrecht.

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