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The Dame Ellen MacArthur Foundation and The Prince of Wales's International Sustainability Unit launched on 18th May a $2m innovation prize calling on companies to create new ways of designing packaging and to find alternative materials to plastic that limits the amount of plastic polluting the oceans. "Choking on plastic we are suffocating our oceans and there will be more plastic waste in them than fish by 2050!" The Foundation estimates that eight million tonnes of plastic enter the oceans each year.

Our aim in 2007 was to develop process technology, which enable inert structurally engineered polymer composite products to be made from mixed plastic packaging waste, in place of tropical hardwood, treated softwood, concrete and metal. They compete directly on price whilst offering considerable further savings in their longer, maintenance free, effective service life to provide exceptional physical and environmental whole life performance. We have achieved our aim in making our automated, high throughput manufacturing technology an economic reality.

In November 2016 Revaluetech was awarded the prestigious Composites UK Environmental Sustainability Award in 2016. In December we were nominated finalists for Business Green Circular Economy of the year 2016. In January 2017 we were awarded The Rushlight Award for Sustainable Manufacturing.

Extensive research has established product markets worth £300 million/annum in the UK alone and £10 billion/annum globally made up from:

  • Coastal protection, inland river, canal and flood alleviation, replacing the use of tropical hardwood - £50 million/annum ongoing;
  • Sluice gates, stop logs, drainage channels, weirs, lock gates and revetments - £30 million/annum ongoing;
  • Cable poles in place of creosote treated wood poles for power and telecoms - £40 million/annum ongoing;
  • Highways - Road and edge kerbs - £25 million/annum ongoing;
  • Rail sleepers and bearers replacing creosote treated wood - £20 million/annum ongoing;
  • Noise barriers for rail and highways - £10 million/annum;
  • Metro and tram light rail sleepers, bearers and overhead gantry construction £10 million/annum
  • Harbour walls, jetties, boardwalks, floating marinas, fenders/rubbing strips and revetments £50 million/annum;
  • Landscaping, pergolas, decking and garden structures £50 million/annum and
  • Crib retaining walls and fencing £15 million/annum.

These markets offer the opportunity to utilise more than 400,000 tonnes of mixed plastic packaging waste each year in the U.K. alone. Rather than it being landfilled or ending up as litter on land or polluting the sea.

Polymer composite Products made from mixed plastic packaging waste, using Revaluetech Re-Formative Engineering technology achieves a number of key factors:

  • Provides second life for finite resource, short life plastic packaging consigned to landfill or the oceans;
  • Effective and longer lasting replacements for tropical hardwood to use in coastal & inland flood defence projects, already acknowledged by the Environment Agency, thus helping to protect rather than destroy tropical rain forests;
  • Saves up to 95% in carbon emissions compared to production of concrete;
  • Economic and longer lasting replacement for creosote treated softwoods, presently used in power supply and telecommunication poles and wooden rail sleepers and bearers.
  • An EU Directive comes into force May 2018 banning the use of creosote as a preservative;
  • 60% weight saving compared to concrete kerbs, allowing faster, less costly laying, eliminating breakages and seriously reducing delivery costs;
  • Highly resistant to weathering, animal, insect, fungal and bacterial degradation and products that can be recycled yet again at the end of very long service life.


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