Sealing and bonding made easy ‘squeezie’

Bond It is making it easier for trade professionals and DIY enthusiasts to tackle those quick, small or sometimes unexpected sealing and bonding tasks.

The business, which ranks as one of the UK’s fastest growing manufacturers of sealants, adhesives and building chemicals, has extended its already comprehensive product portfolio with the launch of the new and innovative Squeezies range.

The Squeezies range sees four of Bond It’s most popular products packaged in new, handy sized plastic tubes.

As the name suggests, these tubes are squeezable enabling the product contained to be applied without the need for any form of application tool such as a skeleton gun.

This not only makes the Squeezies range highly convenient, it also ensures they are ideally suited for sealing and bonding jobs in confined spaces or whenever access is difficult or limited.

In addition, the tubes used by the Squeezies range are resealable thanks to the use of a screw cap.

This enables small amounts of product to be applied at a time and reduces the risk of spoilage between applications.

The four products covered by the Squeezies range include Bond It’s Saves Nails SF.

Based on a technologically advanced formula, this high performance, instant grab adhesive can be used to permanently bond plastic, wood, concrete, brick, plasterboard, carpet and metal, providing at least one of the surfaces to be bonded is porous.

In addition, Saves Nails SF is environmentally friendly and easy to use. It is 99% free of VOCs, gives off very little odour and can be cleaned up with water.

As well as Saves Nails SF, the new Squeezies range also includes Bond It’s Bath & Kitchen Sealant.

This mould resistant, water-based sealant offers good adhesion to plastic, ceramic tiles, wood and porcelain. It can be used to create

a permanently flexible, watertight seal around baths, sinks and worktops. It can also be used as as a grout repairer.

Like Save Nails SF, Bond It’s Bath & Kitchen Sealant offers impressive ease use. Any mistakes during application can be quickly remedied with water and it can be overpainted once cured.

Another product covered by the Squeezies range is Bond It’s Flexible Filler.

This permanently flexible decorator’s caulk is designed for interior use and can be used to fill small cracks and joints where low movement occurs. It offers good adhesion to most common building materials including wood, plaster, plasterboard, brick and concrete.

Again, Bond It’s Flexible Filler is easy to use. It dries quickly and can be smoothed and overpainted within two hours of application.

The fourth and final product within the new Squeezies range is Bond It’s Door & Window Sealant.

This water resistant acrylic frame sealant can be used for pointing and sealing window frames, door frames and soffit boards with limited movement. It offers good adhesion to most building materials including brick, stone, concrete, timber and pre-formed panels.

Commenting on the launch of the new Squeezies range, Kirstie Cooper, marketing manager at Bond It, said: “Bond It has a firm focus on innovation and as a result, we not only regularly develop new products, but also new formulations and pack formats for existing products.

“The launch of new Squeezies range reflects that and makes four of our most versatile and bestselling products more accessible and easier to use than ever before.

“We hope the range will prove popular with stockists because of its value-adding nature and with stockists because of its exceptional convenience.”


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