Unipump under new management

Matchless Ltd, the company that created and continues to manufacture one of the world’s most durable hand pump systems for tough environments, is now under new management and is pushing ahead with its plans to be a leading supplier in the industry.

The Unipump from Matchless is made from materials that no other company uses, which allows for very heavy duty use with maximum vacuum lift and turbo rapid priming on all viscosity of fluids. The Unipump uses glass-filled nylon, which makes it strong, durable and resistant to a wide variety of chemicals and fluid. It has been sold in many tens of thousands, and has been the benchmark requirement of Nato listing.

For use with chemicals, solvents, heavy oils, water and lubricants, the Unipump has dual threads for plastic or metal drums, self vents and, with its turbo piston design, delivers rapidly up to 98% full stroke of its 500ml chamber.

The flexibility of the system makes it versatile across many sectors both in industry and in the domestic arena. The pumps have been used by the farming industry to refuel their equipment, and by the boating industry for oil storage. It can also be an ideal tool for flooding applications, with a high vacuum suction point. One of the great advantages of the Unipump is its ability to pump water quickly and easily up to 6 feet high. It comes with a 4ft telescopic riser pipe and 6ft extension pipe kit.

For use with lubricants, the Unipump is ideal for workshops, maintenance areas, repair sections and industrial environments. The Chemical pump comes with a Viton seal and a different piston, made to withstand chemicals. It is suitable for water-based chemicals, water-based solvents, herbicides and insecticides, and can lift and pump liquid up to 1.60 specific gravity.

To find out more about the Unipump, contact Laurence Bennett  via email matchlesshandpumps@outlook.com, or call direct 07847 320703.


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